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Residential and Commercial Electrical Rewiring

Electrical rewiring isn’t a DIY afternoon project. If you’ve noticed your home or business has been lacking in power, shorting out on outlets, or any other litany of electrical issues, it may be time to rewire your property. Eventually, nearly every building will require electrical rewiring. Depending on how old your property is and the quality of the job that originally took place in it, you may need rewiring sooner than later. Because of modern times, every home and commercial business requires reliable and safe power to run. Trust the leading experts in Covington, TN with your rewiring job. Call Haley Electric today for a free estimate.

Electrician mounting wiring indoors

Our Rewiring Process

During our rewiring process, we’ll go through all the necessary steps to keep your home or business as safe and reliable as possible. First, we’ll conduct a full inspection of your property. We’ll find specific problem areas and make notes of how much cabling we’ll need for the job. Before we start any work, we’ll let you know of our exact plans. We’ll make sure there isn’t any power running to the property before we begin our job, securing everyone’s safety. From then, we’ll check the proper amperage (amp) rating to see the maximum amount your current wiring can handle. Each circuit will need to be checked for an adequate amp rating. From there, we’ll check each connection between the conductors for fire hazards. This is the most commonplace for electrical fires to occur. We’ll make sure every connection is tight and secure. A loose connection in an outlet can lead to danger when you go to plug in your hairdryer. Next, we’ll check the grounding system. This protects your home from stray currents and faults in your wiring. It takes special knowledge and techniques to properly ground a building. Thankfully, the team of professionals at Haley Electric has you covered.

The Benefits of Licensed Technicians

The benefits of hiring an electrical expert to rewire your residential or commercial property far outweigh the risks of attempting it yourself. It’s safer, more efficient, and lets you avoid any and all risks associated with wiring your property. The licensed technicians at Haley Electric have everyone’s safety in mind while completing the job. There are many DIY projects perfect for your home or business; electric rewiring is not one of them. Don’t risk yourself or others by trying to save a few dollars. Call us today for a fair estimate. We want everyone in Covington, TN to be safe in their homes and businesses.

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