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Lighting and LED Retrofitting Services in Covington, TN

Haley Electric proudly offers LED retrofitting services for businesses and homes. Because it’s a complicated process, we’ve cleared up the confusion for you. Learn about what LED retrofitting is, why you may need it, and other information. When you’re ready, give us a call. Our team of licensed professional technicians works quickly and efficiently on your property to get you set up for your new lighting system.

electrician installing downlights

What Is LED Retrofitting?

Plenty of home and business owners are replacing their lights with LEDs, as they’re more efficient and last longer. In order to correctly adapt, you will need to hire an electrician to retrofit your property. We do this to replace traditional lighting technology in multiple applications. LED lights are more environmentally friendly, have a better lighting quality, cost less when replacing, and labor involved in maintaining them. You can use LED lights for interior, exterior, and even small lighting in mechanical applications. There are also many benefits and financing options by completing a full-service LED retrofit for your home. We urge you to look into energy-saving companies and applying for federal and state rebates.

What Do I Need to Consider Before Converting?

LED lights function differently from dated and traditional bulbs. You should carefully consider your options before scheduling your retrofit service. For example, you may have to alter and reduce compatible conversions if you want to keep your present lighting fixtures. Additionally, the hardware compatible with dimming LED lights isn’t usually compliant with traditional lighting. When you contact Haley Electric for your LED retrofitting solution, we’ll go over every step and consideration before starting your job. We want you to feel secure and comfortable going through with this conversion. The benefits almost always outweigh the initial investment, but it takes a slight adjustment period. Call us today to get started!

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